SCIO CENTRAL SCHOOL will accept applications for the following anticipated positions. 

    If interested, please submit a letter of interest and a completed application (available at sciotigers.org or in the Main Office) to:

    Jennifer Cappelletti, Superintendent, 3968 Washington St., Scio, NY 14880  or jcappelletti@sciocsd.org

    Teachers and Teacher Assistants (No current Vacancies) 

    Applications are accepted at any time for future employment opportunities.


    Teacher-Teaching Assistant-Substitute Application - Word

    Teacher-Teacher Assistant Substitute Application-PDF


    Staff Positions: 

    Accepting Applications for the following positions: 

    • Bus Attendant (1.5 hrs/day)
    • Bus Driver/Bus Attendant (3hrs/5hrs or based on district need) Applications accepted at any time for future employment opportunities
    • Cleaner/Nights (5-hours/shift)
    • Cleaner/Nights (8-hours/shift)
    • Temporary Food Service Helper (3-hours/day)


    Application: (Complete both the Civil Service Application and Scio Application) 

    Allegany County Civil-Service-Application.pdf  

    Employment Application - Full-time-Part-time SUPPORT STAFF-PDF

    Employment Application - Full-time-Part-time  SUPPORT STAFF-Word




    Substitute Positions:

    Accepting Applications for the following substitute positions:

    • Substitute Teacher 
    • Substitute Teaching Assistant
    • Substitute Teacher Aide
    • Substitute Cleaner 
    • Substitute Food Service Helper
    • Substitute Bus Driver  
    • Substitute Bus Attendant



    Teacher-Teaching Assistant-Substitute Application - PDF

    Teacher-Teaching Assistant-Substitute Application - Word