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    Loren Knapp, President
    Term Expires 2022
    Administration Liaison
    Melanie Ryan - Vice President
    Term Expires 2023
    Alternate Delegate-- ACASB
    Legislation & Advocacy Liaison

    Mary Weimer
    Term Expires 2024
    Delegate -NYS School Board

    Association Personnel Liaison

    Jon Nickerson
    Term Expires 2025
    Athletics/Extracurricular Liaison
    Robert Thompson
    Term Expires 2023
    Delegate - ACASB
    Community Relations Liaison
    Daniel Fuller
    Term Expires 2024
    Transportation Liaison

    Term Expires 2026
    Alternate Delegate -

    NYS School Board Association
    Building & Grounds Liaison

    Student Ex-officio Member


  • Scio Central School Board of Education Goals 2021-2022 

    1. Board Members will continue to support student programs through budgeted funding.  Board members will support administration in the search for alternative funding such as grants and community partnerships. 
    2. Board Members will continue to support improvement of employee morale by recognizing employee accomplishments and contributions to the District.   
    3. Board members will take the opportunity to improve public perception by attending student-community events during the 2019-2020 school year. 
    4. Board members will take a more active role in legislative action and be open to professional development opportunities.